Primary Years 

Students in Grades 1-6 at The E.C.A benefit from balanced, wholistic development that fosters personal identity, self-regulation, continued creative expression and development. Our qualified, motivated and experienced staff members teach all subjects offered by The Bahamas Ministry of Education Curriculum.  We support the sitting of the Grade Level Assessment Test (G.L.A.T) in Year 6.

Additionally, our students are exposed to international content and standards that prepare them for the real world.  Teachers utilize a variety of strategies and approaches to stimulate the interests of all students and our small class sizes ensures that individualized needs are met.

Our scholars may be enrolled in After-School Programs to ensure that special emphasis is placed on literacy and numeracy as well as balance of interest areas.

A number of resources are used in Mathematics, Science and Literacy. The research-based curricula in Literacty guide young readers to gain a curiosity about the world and therefore a passion for reading both fiction and informational text.  Our Primary Students are also engaged in relevant mathematical experiences along with tools and manipulatives that help to make math interesting and practical. Science experiements, investigations, model building and oral presentations keep our budding scientists informed and engaged while learning and teaching others.

Students are encouraged to explore learning in all subject areas in a manner that supports self-regulation, curiosity and inquiry. Our Primary students enjoy the themes and variety of events that provide a balance between fun and learning at The ECA.