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  Working at Exuma Christian Academy

Team Members at Exuma Christian Academy enjoy a family-like, supportive environment where every member contributes and is valued. We work hard and….. we play hard! Our staff and faculty share resources, encourage and support each other to reach positive outcomes and are some of the most talented experts in their fields.  Exuma Christian Academy regards its faculty and staff as the most important and valuable components of The ECA family.  We depend on them to maintain a positive and productive school culture and rely on their expertise to bring out the best in our students. All team members are held at a very high standard and teachers are expected to prepare and execute compelling lessons that integrate fun, technology and Christian values.  Employees are guided by the Employee Handbook, which comprehensively outlines our school information and procedures, details for academic policies and standards, communication and professional responsibilities.  Our compensation package aligns with the national standard and we offer a Medical Allowance after 2 years of employment.  Staff  members are offered 50% reduction in tuition for dependents attending ECA and are exempted from Application and Administrative Fees. Returning staff are offered a retention and performance bonus after an Above Average Annual Performance Rating. Staff relocating to Exuma are provided with moving subsidization to cover the expense of travel and transportation of a personal vehicle. ECA supplies all staff with needed teaching resources and materials at the start of each academic year and offers training and development opportunities at least three times annually. As a progressive school, there are room for expansion and growth in the organization.