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Exuma Christian Academy

Our Curriculum

Pre-K & Kindergarten

Our budding leaders experience learning through play and inquiry with special empahsis on Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Bible, Art and Music.

The Montessori approach is skillfully blended with integrated curricula to ensure that our students’ needs are being met. Parental involvement and support is frequently solicited to ensure that our littliest Conquerors are building the strong and necessary foundations needed for success in their school career.

The ECA accepts students that are 3 years or 2 and fully potty-trained, into Pre-Kindergarten, K3 and K4.

Primary Grades 1-6

Students in Grades 1-6 at The E.C.A benefit from balanced, wholistic development that fosters personal identity, self-regulation, continued creative expression and development. Our qualified, motivated and experienced staff members teach all subjects offered by The Bahamas Ministry of Education Curriculum. We support the sitting of the Grade Level Assessment Test (G.L.A.T) in Year 6.

Additionally, our students are exposed to international content and standards that prepare them for the real world. Teachers utilize a variety of strategies and approaches to stimulate the interests of all students and our small class sizes ensures that individualized needs are met.

Our scholars may be enrolled in After-School Programs to ensure that special emphasis is placed on literacy and numeracy as well as balance of interest areas.

A number of resources are used in Mathematics, Science and Literacy. The research-based curricula in Literacty guide young readers to gain a curiosity about the world and therefore a passion for reading both fiction and informational text. Our Primary Students are also engaged in relevant mathematical experiences along with tools and manipulatives that help to make math interesting and practical. Science experiements, investigations, model building and oral presentations keep our budding scientists informed and engaged while learning and teaching others.

Students are encouraged to explore learning in all subject areas in a manner that supports self-regulation, curiosity and inquiry. Our Primary students enjoy the themes and variety of events that provide a balance between fun and learning at The ECA.

High School 7-12

High School students at The Exuma Christian Academy are stimulated and challenged to excel in subject areas offered by The Bahamas Ministry of Education Curricullum in addition to Character Development & Leadership, Speech and Debate and Finacial Literacy.

Students in Junior High may also take advantage of two elective (optional) choices in areas aligned with their interests; while Senior High Students take three (3) electives.

The ECA does not discriminate against students of superior academic potential and therefore provides an accelerated track for 8th Graders to complete BJC subjects. These students are usually identified by November of the school year and are provided with additional support in alignment with their potential to acheive success at this level. Additionally, all students that require additional support are given the attention to meet their goals.

All texts have been selected not only to prepare your child for the Bahamas Junior Certificate (B.J.C ), Bahamas General Certificate Secondary Education (B.G.C.S.E) and Scholastic Assessment Test (S.A.T), but also to provide them with a well-rounded education that will prepare them for the real world.

High School students at ECA enjoya balanced social and academic curricullum that provides each student with an opportunity to thrive in their gifted areas. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M) are embraced, showcased and integrated into lessons, events, activities and compeitions at The ECA.

After School

At The Exuma Christian Academy, we seek to provide stimulating environments for our pupils to develop in a number of areas.

We automatically enroll selected students in remedial enrichment programs after school hours. Additionally, all students taking standardized examinations are given supplementary classes.

Since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, The ECA has not been able to offer additional classes to members of the wider community.

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Exuma Christian Academy

Summer Program

There are two summer programs offered by Exuma Christian Academy: Summer School and Summer Camp.


Summer Camp

Summer Camp is an enrichment program for students between the ages of 5 – 11 that includes activities in art, music, science and sports.

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Summer School

Summer School consists of math classes tailored to help select students improve their Math skills prior to enrollment in the Fall 2023 semester.

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